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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Support Gay Marriage!!!

This may make some people angry and may even attract some censure from them for me. All to the good because I’m quite frankly not the type of person to get all scared about a little raise of the eyebrows. This is particularly true when I have something important to say. This doesn’t happen terribly often, I’d suggest you pay attention.

Let’s be clear first and foremost, I’m fully a heterosexual female and I’m sure that that will be important to someone who stumbles on this and decides to react with moral outrage. You know who you are. I’m going to tell those among us who are morally outraged by this…Come on here! Seriously??! Is it you who are considering a same sex marriage? Who are you to decide someone else’s happiness for them?

I’m also a woman of faith and I support same sex marriage. I don’t believe that love is ever shameful or wrong, regardless of its form or gender preference. I’ve seen lots of comments and posts on social media talking about how those who support same sex marriage or would seek a same sex marriage are “going against God” or “violating God’s law” and I would like to take the opportunity here and now to tell these people to grow up, step out from behind God and pursue and support your own opinion. Stop passing your beliefs off onto God and stop condemning other people for their beliefs.

Do you know how often I’ve heard the Old Testament of the Bible quoted as regards homosexuality? Yes, there are verses that very explicitly state that it is a moral act of deviation and a crime punishable by death in Leviticus but so is adultery. I’m not going to stop and count how many people I’ve known who look down morally on homosexuality while lying in the bed of their extramarital lover. Look up Leviticus 18:22 for further enlightenment if you choose.

Now with that being said, the Bible also warns of having relations with a woman who is on her cycle. That is unclean according to the same chapter of Leviticus and Leviticus in chapter 19 goes on to say that a person shouldn’t eat any meat with blood in it, shouldn’t wear clothing cut from two different types of cloth (pay attention all you people who wear cotton underwear with an elastic waistband) and you also shouldn’t cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip the edges of your beard. Also, don’t plant a field with two different types of seeds and don’t eat any fruit on a tree for five years after it’s been planted. The first three years are forbidden and the fourth year is a praise offering to the Lord. Anyone with a tattoo is disregarding the law of God according to Leviticus.

You know, Jesus had almost nothing to say about homosexuality. On the other end of the coin, he did have a lot to say about the law and keeping God’s commandments. This includes verses from the Gospel of James that he who keeps the whole law and offends on one point is guilty of all. So it could reasonably be said that Jesus said that a person who breaks even one of God’s laws is guilty of breaking them all. How many of you have told a little “white lie” and are also therefore guilty of breaking all of God’s laws? Did you think about that? Anyone who has lied is no greater or less than the serial killer the government will bury under the prison regardless of the infraction and the number of times they’ve deviated.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do so love a nice medium rare steak but if I stick to God’s law of the Old Testament, I am unclean and I should have to go through all the rituals to be clean again or I can realize that the whole point of this law was to prevent food borne illness.

You know, every law that God gave to the Israelites of the Old Testament was to serve a purpose and that purpose is very clear. He wanted to preserve a people to carry out the bloodline that would lead to Christ. Ninety percent of the laws handed to Moses from God were about cleanliness and prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it seems. God didn’t want the Israelites dropping like flies before he could get them to the Promised Land so he set certain rules in place to take care of that. Circumcision prevents infection because the foreskin protects a membrane and keeps it moist. Clothing cut from two types of cloth leads to sweating and bacteria collect where there is moisture leading to the possibility of infection. Infectious disease is passed from person to person by means of physical and sexual contact and this was a time when a person could get an infection and die from a simple scratch. They were in the desert and water was scarce and even if water were to be in ready supply, it would have been unprocessed, unclean and fairly teeming with microorganisms. Anyone who knows anything at all would know exactly how hazardous that would be.

Are we still failing to understand a point? I hope not because it would be exhaustive to have to repeat everything I just said. I would hope that someone has figured out a thing or two during the course of this. For those of you who haven’t and insist that it is God’s absolute law that same sex marriages are wrong:

For the men; make your wife quit her job and wait on you hand and foot. She’ll be miserable so your sex life will suffer, I promise you that. You can no longer use birth control so it doesn’t matter if you are ready to have children or not, procreate to perpetuate the species and work grueling six day work weeks tilling the fields to provide for your family. You are the only person who is allowed to provide for your family, after all and all their accountability is going to fall onto your shoulders. You alone are responsible for the actions of your wife and children, servants and any creature crossing your lands that deviates from what is acceptable. It is your land and you are responsible for it. Start getting ready to make betrothal agreements for your children because by the time they reach the age of twelve, the girls are of a marriageable age and your boy has become a man. He has to have a wife and she must have a husband. While you’re at it, be the first to throw a rock and stone to death the twenty five year old son who has fallen on hard times and lives in your basement right now because he is a wastrel and as for your daughter, if she’s not a virgin on her wedding night, she needs to be stoned to death. And don’t you dare curse at your parents, you should die for it.

For the women; take off your shoes and get into your husband’s kitchen. Spend your days working in the house because that is your place. Don’t practice your suffrage (voting) because you have no say. You exist to do as you are told, marry in accordance with your father’s wishes and please your husband. You have no right to make money and you have no land or wealth. It all belongs to your husband, no exceptions. Quit your job and cover your head. Don’t even think about buying a pair of shoes without his consent and if your husband beats you, you deserved it and it was all your fault. It is your fault if a man is attracted to you or if you get raped. You should have taken better care with yourself and not invited his interest. Don’t speak your opinion because that is forbidden and you need to make absolutely sure you never do anything outside the approval of your husband. Wisdom is a woman and so is adultery so be mindful lest you disgrace your husband or father. Don’t worry about respect because you are property and you are allowed to own nothing. You are a woman and should behave as such. And whatever you do, don’t you dare live with a man outside of marriage because that’s punishable by death.

Or everyone can understand that in the keeping of God’s Mosaic Law (which was the law given to Moses by God) you can’t have it both ways. Jesus spoke about the law stating that people have a choice. You can either follow the Mosaic law and be subject to all the punishments therein or you can follow Christ and remember that his commandments were to love the Lord your God above all things and love each other as He loves us. He also had a lot to say about judgment and condemnation of others. Look up Luke 6:37 if you don’t believe me. Look at the story of the adulterous woman and ask yourself why Jesus would have said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Did it occur to anyone that with all the things that the Apostle Paul had to say in his Epistles that he was likely gay? Think about it, the “thorn in his flesh” that he bemoaned to God who told him, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Did it ever occur to anyone that Paul who knew the law well would have been dead set against homosexuality? The laws he lived by were very clear about relations being between a man and a woman and anything else was punishable by death. He would have had very clear ideas about “unnatural relations” and his absolutely staunch condemnation of homosexuality can lead a person to believe that he was in fact gay. He hated himself for the “thorn in his flesh” and that means that he would have “fallen off the wagon” from time to time in a manner of speaking. If he was gay, he would have had male lovers and that would have made him hate himself because he had had sex with a man and because he couldn’t help himself. He would not have realized the genetic nature of his feelings and would have tried to reject them. Reading some of the extra letters that passed between he and his friends, I can pretty cleanly establish who his lover or “intimate friend” would have been.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems to me that when compared to the time frame and the reasoning behind and for the Law coupled with the idea that Jesus had nothing whatsoever to say about same sex marriage or relationships leads me to conclude that trying to reference the Bible and the Mosaic Law as regards your moral outrage at same sex marriage is contraindicative to the very idea of the purpose of the law. Step outside of your religion and face faith. Stop whining about what makes other people happy and concentrate on your own happiness and prosperity. That part is within your power. Stop pointing the finger at someone else in an attempt to mask your feelings of moral inferiority and realize that you’re pointing the finger at them to take the focus off of you. Grow up and get real and love everyone and the rest will take care of itself.

People have the right to make their own choices and forge their own way in life regardless of what you think or how you feel. If you don’t like the idea of gay marriage, don’t get one. It’s just that simple. It’s not fair to go around trying to tell other people how to live their lives and the Mosaic Law is a flimsy excuse for your opinions. Don’t rely on the Law for a few things and disregard the few little things you’re not looking at or the few little laws you aren’t following and then excuse yourself by using Jesus or the Bible. If your sins are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, so are everyone else’s and you have no right to stand in judgment on them or anyone else. Think about it…

As far as I’m concerned, I stand and advocate for same sex marriage because everyone has the right to be happy and if a man’s boyfriend or a woman’s girlfriend makes them happy, loves them and treats them with respect, that is quite fine by me and I wish them all the happiness that their lives together can afford.

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